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Ancora 30US


Andrea's first autobiographical book

The great passion for writing appeared during Andrea's long journey to South America in 2009, from that moment he decided that what he was putting on paper during his adventures would become a book.

Why "30"? The opera tells of the most exciting moments of the author's life as an adventurer until the age of 30 years.

The idea was born eleven years ago, developed slowly over time, and became reality in 2015. This is not a travelogue press, but a book full of insights drawn from all parts of the world, intimate stories of course accompanied by pictures.

A young man in the wilderness, the story of his first thirty years of life as a traveler, who before telling stories about the wild territories he visited tries to tell himself through the two fundamental means in his incessant wanderings: the pen and the camera.

The volume was officially published on December 2015. If anyone's wishing to purchase a copy you can easely do it by clicking on the botton below. Thank you!

Please note that the book is at the moment available just in italian language. Andrea is working on the english and russian version.

Thanks for your patience!


"To walk in the wilderness means confronting the most difficult terrain that exists: it means getting to know ourselves..."



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