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Data di iscrizione: 19 mar 2020

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Hello! I am Adriana. I am half Latinamerican, half Italian. On my mother’s side I come from a beautiful country which has the highest waterfall and highest cable car in the world. We have amazing turquoise beaches. My Italian father came from Milano in the 50’s. He had the same adventurous spirit that I see in all of you.

Although a city girl, I find peace in Nature. I discovered Andreas work 3 years ago, and became fascinated by it. Having worked in the Corporate world, Andrea showed me other types of lifestyles, I had no idea existed.

I am a humble, self taught, beginner photographer. I share with you the passion for art, Nature and photography. I want to learn from you.

P.S. I will be posting in English, feel free to reply in Italian (I understand)

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Adriana Argento

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